March 2004
Last updated: 27/03/2004

Fish Trip to Angola.

The tour has been designed to take you through some of the most adventures and beautiful routes of southern Angola. Using only the best and fully equip vehicles for this kind of terrain.

We cross the Angolan border at Ruacana in Namibia and travel via rough terrain in a western direction and visit places like Oncocua and Espinheira through to Foz de Cunene at the mund of the Kunene river.


From there in an eastern direction crossing the breathless Lebapas which takes us to Lubango.

Southwards again to follow the main route to Chitado back to Ruacana, the complete route takes approximately 10 days to complete.

The route from Ruacana through to Foz de Cunene gives the ultimate challenge to the 4X4 enthusiast over mountainous, rocky as well as heavy sand routes which takes aprox. 3 days to complete.

A day is spent at Foz de Cunene where fishing takes place at on of the best sand and rock fishing spots in the world.

The warm water from the river mouth attracts big schools of fish. Further north at the coast of Baia dos Tigres the brave can try their hand at Shark and or other fish.

After visiting the harbour town of Namibe the route continues through woods, past a waterfall and over a pass which takes you from sea level to 6000ft above sea level in just a few kilometres. Sharp harpin turns makes this an unforgetable trip on it's own.

In Lubango we allow for ample time to visit the city before we return to Ruacana via Chitado in two days.


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Come and enjoy your best experience of Angola...

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